Entreprising Solutions
for Entrepreneurs

Fiduciaire Longchamp is a local accounting firm established to support entrepreneurs and regional businesses in their daily operations.

What we do

From an idea to a profitable structure, from a small to a large company, we are capable of managing all your financial needs. Whether you are developing an innovative product, reaching out to new customers, or seeking to increase your sales, we work behind the scenes to support you in your financial strategy while handling your day-to-day accounting and HR administration. 

Accounting services

While you focus on building your business, creating new products, and acquiring clients, we assist you in accomplishing your administrative tasks.


We offer a wide range of innovative and tailored solutions to help you meet your strategic and operational challenges.


In an increasingly complex legislative landscape, we provide a pragmatic approach to your internal and external audit needs.

"Difficulties mastered are opportunities won"

Industry sectors

Over time, we have accumulated significant experience and expertise in various industry sectors, allowing us to compare challenges across different fields. We have particularly gained knowledge in the following sectors:





Professional Services

Our values

We are dedicated to providing quality service and personalized advice in all your endeavors. Passionate about what we do, we build long-term relationships. We are deeply connected to our region and prioritize human contact.

We commit to delivering the highest quality service, professionalism and ethics in our undertakings. We are not afraid to express our thoughts in a straightforward and direct manner.