About us

In 2000, Jean-Paul Longchamp founded his accounting firm, based in Montagny-près-Yverdon. His goal was to provide quality accounting services for the Northern Vaud region.

In March 2020, Fiduciaire Longchamp was acquired by VFM Conseil, an accounting firm based in the Vallée de Joux. The aim of this merger was to further develop the group’s activities in the Northern Vaud, La Broye and Neuchâtel regions, leveraging synergies between the two firms.

We offer a local service. Let us handle the administrative tasks while you focus on what matters for the development of your company.

Our approach

To create a fantastic product, deliver superior service and build a successful long-term business, you need to have a clear vision, the right ingredients, and the right people. Success also requires passion and patience (not always…!).

We genuinely want to understand your business and its needs. We challenge conventional thinking to bring you innovative solutions. We enjoy working with entrepreneurs who are open to change, ready to reconsider what is considered normal, to help them make strategically sound decisions that lead to sustainable success.

Our values

We are committed to providing quality service and personalized advice in all your endeavors. Passionate about what we do, we build long-term relationships. We are deeply connected to our region and prioritize human contact.

We commit to delivering the highest quality sevice, professionalism and ethics in our undertakings. We are not afraid to express our thoughts in a straightforward and direct manner.

Our team

Jean-Paul Longchamp

Jean-Paul is a finance and accounting specialist with a federal diploma since 1986.

He began his career as an accountant at a large accounting firm in Lausanne. He furthered his career by holding the position of head of general accounting in a large distribution group.

After these experiences, he returned to the accounting services world before founding his own business in 2000. In 2001, he became an active member of Fiduciaire Suisse for about twenty years.

Johann Beney

Johann holds a federal diploma in finance and accounting. His experience allows him to be versatile in a variety of mandates.

Previously, he worked as the accounting manager of a large Foundation for accessible transport. After obtaining his federal diploma, he entered the accounting services field, specializing in the management of medical-social establishments (EMS).

After a few years, he decided to move into an environment that offered opportunities to see other types of business.

Bill Muirhead

Bill has an Electrical Engineering Degree and is a UK Chartered Accountant.

A team-builder who has worked for over 35 years to help in the development and the improvement of both small
companies and major international groups, particularly with companies in the watchmaking and medtech sectors.

Previously he has been CEO of Valtronic Technologies, CFO of Audemars Piguet and CFO of Breguet. Prior to that he worked for many years with Coopers & Lybrand as a Director in their audit, corporate finance and corporate restructuring departments in the UK, New Zealand and Paris.

A co-founder of a diagnostics start-up from the EPFL, he is also a Board member of a number of different companies.

Callum Muirhead

Callum holds a Swiss Federal Certificate in commerce and is also a graduate of the “Specialized Accountant edupool” program that he obtained in 2023.

He completed his apprenticeship at Audemars Piguet and joined our team in early 2022.

Let us accompany you in the development of your activities.